Fire Extinguishing Systems

There are various types of fire extinguishers in India. These types are categorized accordingly to specific functions and portability. Among these types, include mechanical foam, dry powder type, carbon dioxide type, and type. The portability can be trolley-mounted and portable fire extinguishers. There are also available automatic fire extinguishers in the market that ensure the safety of the server rooms, transformer rooms, and warehouses where people are not often available most of the time.

As part of the fire fighting systems in India, fire extinguishers are often effective for all kinds of fire. They are very easy to handle and portable in any event of fire emergency. Its portability includes lightweight, compact size, and easy-to-push button operation. The fire extinguishers have 100% reliability because of its 6-year shelf life and pressure gauge facility function. The maintenance of these fire extinguishers is very restricted and low until the pressure gauge is observed. The fire extinguishers do not cause any post fire damages since they are coated with chemical of moisture resistant silicon. Some fire extinguishers are provided with a unique system of glow in the dark. This system enables the visibility of the cylinder in the entire darkness of where it will be placed. In addition, the system enables for easy location of the fire extinguishers within the premises during cases of emergency since electric supply is cut-off.

Fire extinguishers in India have different capacities from 1 kilogram to 10 kilograms. However, most of the fire extinguishers with 10 kilograms capacity have automatic versions. Some even come with the unique EPR aside from the glow in the dark system. In installing fire extinguishers, the location should be the best choice and needs to be protected from fire. It should be in clean areas as well such as high-tech machine rooms, restaurant kitchens, offices, medical facilities, computer rooms, server rooms, and countless others.

Some fire extinguishers in India are fabricated or customized accordingly to the specifications or preferences of the customers. Since the fire extinguishers have high demands in the market today, they are created with the highest level of performance and précised engineering. Installation of automatic fire extinguishers is the best solution in places like a huge plant where keeping an eye most of the time is not possible. Be reminded that most of the damaging fires normally happen in areas that are unoccupied or at times when there are no people around especially nighttime and holidays. Along with the installation of automatic fire extinguishers, modular system can be erected as well. The system can be costly and unseen pipe work.

Most of the automatic fire extinguishers in India are provided with gas-based and powder extinguishing agents. These are best in places or locations where the presence of combustible materials is visible like the eatable material stores, electrical panel rooms, server rooms, archives center, power distribution room, library, and more.

Fire extinguisher system in India will never be complete without the sprinklers, which is the most important part of it. Installed sprinklers can automatically detect and extinguish fire. Its initial temperature can be provided in accordance to the fire risk nature.

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